Whats cookin good lookin?

If you are anything like me, you are stir crazy these days. Long walks help alleviate the tensions. On my walks, often , I will find myself attracted to the scents of meals on the stove, oven or grill. If the household is anything like mine, my husband and I are busily preparing the cooking, tasting, getting the table ready for a nice meal. A part of me wants to knock on the doors and with a smile ask politely "Whats cookin good lookin?". 

We may be finding that feeding ourselves and our families is quite a task! Keeping things fresh and less complex (while getting everyone to eat) is challenging. The reward comes in sitting down yourself and enjoying a good meal without a ton of cleanup or exhaustion. My 10 year exclaimed last night after having a paratha with greek yogurt seasoned with our raita mix "This is simply delish!". That is a very satisfying feeling indeed. 

Enjoy our variety of parathas with your next meal and simplify the process of putting something great on the table. Until then, keep cookin good lookin!